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(Anonymous user)
"Thank you!!!!!"
 01 October 2014
I want to thank the company for such talent you have as Regina.
She had patience, perseverance, and knew what she was doing,
I am VERY happy with the work she did! and therefore, very happy with regservo.

I will definitely touch base with you all again!

Voni Pottle
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(Anonymous user)
"great people"
 14 September 2014
The people here re great they deserve a pot of gold. 5 Star go out to them.
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(Anonymous user)
"Tech Support"
 02 September 2014
Regina has been great and has assisted us in fixing our computer problems. Her service is excellent.
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(Anonymous user)
"Thanx so much"
 18 August 2014
My computer had more problems that the Obama administration and my tech was fantastic. I wonder if we can send him to DC...??????
Thanx so much for fixing my problems....
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(Anonymous user)
"fixing my laptop "
 15 August 2014
i want to say i have never ever had someone help me so much and i thought my computer was finished ,and i would have to buy a new one ,but with a bit of paitence on my part regservo have made my computer like the day it was purchased ,and i am absoultly indebted to them for ever and the politeness and consideration i was given was second to none just fantastic ,it is the best thing i ever bought and the service is the best you will ever get ,and one more thing thank you from the bottem of my heart to regina for all she did
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(Anonymous user)
"Awesome service"
 06 August 2014
Thanks guys for all your assistance today in rectifying all my boo-boos on my pc. Great service all round and appreciated very much by this novice computer user.
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(Anonymous user)
"I am distinctly plased"
 25 June 2014
I started having issues with Skype the other night ... it took a collective effort on Regservo technicians' part but I am happy to report they've managed to fix it. I shall now be recommending your services to all and sundry. Thanks!
Their names were Sarah (at TS001), Regina at T2001, and John, at T001): thank you to all three of you!
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(Anonymous user)
"Computer Problems"
 23 June 2014
I can't thank you enough for all your help. My computer is fixed, runs great and will tell others about your web site. And Kudos to Steven (Tier 2001) who helped me along with tech TS003 My rating is a 5.
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(Anonymous user)
 15 May 2014
technician Tier 1002 did an outstanding job tonight helping me with the issues I had on my computer. From the first tech. that I spoke to till the last one, they all did a great job getting the problem fixed without any confusion on my part. thank you.
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(Anonymous user)
"Sterling Praise"
 20 April 2014
I received great help from a very knowledgeable Tier 001 support person this evening. I really appreciated all of the help I received in cleaning my system and eliminating all of the unknown software from my computer system that had essentially taken over my computer and hijacked my operating system. Once again I will recommend your software to everyone I know.
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