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Too Blessed To Be Stressed
United States,MD
"A Hiccup With Regservo"
 31 January 2014
I'm an activated retired disable veteran who is currently active in using my computer on a daily basic for all type of things. I need protection from any type of spyware, software, etc that can harm any of my data. I had contacted Regservo help desk with my concern in regards to my Resgservo giving me a big hiccup! It had stop cleaning my computer while I was working on a major project. I knew that I still had some time left on my license but could not understand why it had stopped cleaning. Patrick was very helpful, very knowledgeable with a distress customer who was not as patience. He was very professional and very patience in helping this customer who is currently working on our 2nd Annual "DAV Women Are Invisible No More Conference" in the DC area in which their are a lot Congressmen and Congresswomen that will be our guest speakers along with DC mayor. In the middle of this major conference he has assisted not only me but other veterans because now I can get information out to them without anymore hiccup!!
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(Anonymous user)
"5 stars - it works well"
 17 November 2013
I would recommend this. A lot of the errors it will purge are from internet temp files that you can eliminate yourself by clearing them regularly, (Control, Shift and Delete) or regularly emptying your recycle bin. It does repair errors that you can not do easily do yourself unless you are a computer geek. Once the computer scan is complete, click “Fix All” which it will complete automatically; you have to restart the computer and that is it.

I live on the coast of the Arctic Ocean and use the computer a lot because I can not surf the waters and have no other entertainment here. It works well and gets a 5 star review. Happy surfing and enjoy.
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(Anonymous user)
"It Works!"
 03 February 2012
This software works well and helps maintain my windowsxp registry, excellent results. Thank U
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(Anonymous user)
"my PC speed finally back to normal."
 03 February 2012
I had almost forgotten what it was like to have a computer run at a normal speed.

It got to the point that I couldn’t take it anymore, so I did some research and stumbled onto RegSERVO . It worked perfectly. Very happy with the results!
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(Anonymous user)
"Worked for me"
 26 January 2012
i noticed my pc startup speed got improved by almost 80% after running removing all useless programs that runs automatically when my pc starts using regservo startup wizard ,i have to mention also their customer support is fast and easy to reach.
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(Anonymous user)
"not satisfied"
 26 January 2012
i have an old WINDOWS 98 PC and regservo is not compatible with my win98, i tried to contact support & the answrs is: not compatible with win98.
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(Anonymous user)
"i like Regservo."
 26 January 2012
that software is very easy to use. and backed up by really great support.
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In the total of 7 user votes,6  user(s) recommanded REGSERVO and 1 user(s) did not prefer REGSERVO.


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