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(Anonymous user)
"Great Program"
 25 October 2013
I saw reviews and scams about this when I just now decided to check reviews and people are full of it trying to get free stuff i got premium i got three keys it is activated and has cleaned my computer runs a boot can defragments it does everything I love it thus far I have no complaints
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(Anonymous user)
"Solves Error 45 in Yahoo mail."
 20 October 2013
Yahoo E-mail problem 10-18-13
I can display my inbox, which updates properly, but all attempts to open an e-mail gives the message:
"There appears to be a problem loading the email Try Again" If I click on “Try Again” I usually get a Sorry we're having problems loading this message. Please view our help site to learn how to contact us to report this error. Error code: 45
I resorted to purchasing this program called “Error End” by It cleaned a large amount of errors from my computer. I ran it multiple times and finally the emails were loaded. I also use Norton 360 Registry cleaner regularly. The problem was finally resolved after using Error end.
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(Anonymous user)
"I have NO probems with ErrorEnd..."
 20 March 2012

I'm a new [registered] user to this software, and find NO problems with it.
Luck? No...! Errors? No...!
Satisfaction? Yes...!
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(Anonymous user)
"Easy to work with customer support"
 03 February 2012
Some software is difficult to download and install but this one was simple, even though I had a serious problem with my connection while we were having some bad weather.

Customer support, who helped me to not only get things going and finally back on track, was easy to get a hold of and to understand. After I was able to get the program finally installed I was easily able to understand and run errorend and it worked great.

Made a big difference, and for someone like me who doesn’t understand this kind of stuff I highly recommend using it.
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(Anonymous user)
"errorend is simple and dependable"
 29 January 2012
I purchased the ErrorEND i usually clean my own registry by myself but i can tell that this software is simple , stable and dependable . and would recommend it to everyone, their technical support is great and very helpful.
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BaRbi _Rox
(Anonymous user)
"thank u Bob!"
 26 January 2012
great support team specially bob from tech support, he knows what he is doing
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(Anonymous user)
"Not free"
 26 January 2012
after i downloaded errorend and run a full system scan it says that i need to pay 29.95$ to fix the errors. is it worth the money?
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(Anonymous user)
"Works well"
 26 January 2012
founds 407 errors on my pc after a deep scaning to my registry files but it only fixes 403 errors i'm wondering why the remaing 4 errors ?
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